Oneness Blessing Energy Transfer for Awakening

Humanity is at a stage of being prepared to return to our natural state… the state of Oneness with each other and with Divine Presence (God). The Oneness state has nothing to do with how long you have been on a spiritual path. It is achieved through a process referred to as the “Oneness Blessing” which creates an energetic shift in your perceptual awareness which eventually causes an “Awakening Into Oneness” through a “Flowering of Your Heart.”  This transformational shift into Oneness is not dependent upon knowing the right teachings, prayers or mantras. It has nothing to do with whether you are a good person or whether you meditate. This state cannot be achieved through your own efforts. The mind cannot deactivate itself… this can only happen through receiving the gift of Grace.

When you see the nature of the mind and the extent of your conditioning… when you are tired of your suffering, comparing, judging and blaming, then Grace can begin to flow. Understanding this as a mental concept is not enough… it must be felt and experienced.  It is not attainable on your own.

The Oneness Blessing is the most amazing phenomena happening today. It is a transfer of power and can be defined as an Initiation Into Grace. The guides of the Oneness Movement and all those who have undergone a specific Oneness Process are now able to transfer this Oneness state of Grace to all who want to receive it through the Oneness Blessing. In a solemn setting, those trained place their hands on the head of an individual. While in a state of union with Divine Presence, the Oneness Blessing facilitators become channels for Divine energy which is then transfered to the recipient and the process begins. The energy channels of the body get activated, thereby initiating a process that automatically continues the journey of Awakening Into Oneness through the Flowering of the Heart.

The person receiving the Oneness Blessing may go into a peak experience or not. Everyone experiences something unique. This may or may not be permanent. For some, the Oneness Blessing experience can take hours, days, weeks or longer before noticing a change. Once the Oneness Blessing is received, the state of Oneness has been planted and whatever needs to unfold will; this is in accordance with the readiness of your physical body and other determining factors. Sometimes the Oneness Blessing can bring up certain things. It pinpoints the ugliness of the mind; this is necessary for us to break free – to break the patterns in our life that have been ruling us for so long. If the individual has done some cleansing beforehand or hit rock bottom, that can help – but as long as you think you can make it on your own, the flow is impeded.

The Oneness state is not about loosing your mind. The same mind continues to exist, but now you have a different relationship with it.  Your perceptions, and hence, your experiencs of life change. You are in control of the mind rather than the mind controlling you. Its like turning on the switch and the sense of separation dissolves. The difference is internal. You can still make mistakes, experience disappointments, get annoyed, but these situations will no longer affect you – they happen – they come – they go and then it is over. In this state you discover joy and are true to yourself. There is no need to pretend anymore. It is being in the moment, experiencing whatever you are experiencing. It is not about having extraordinary experiences (although some do)… it is recognizing that each ordinary moment is extraordinary in itself. Before, there were interpretations going on interpreting the experience, now there is only the experience and your observation of it. Everything simply is what it is. There are as many different states of experiencing this as there are people. Sometimes the mind may throw up all kinds of conflict, resistance and doubt. The nature of the self is to resist change.

In short, the Oneness Blessing is an experience, not a concept.  Those who wish to experience these beneficial changes for themselves will choose to receive the Oneness Blessing regularly until they have experienced their own Awakening Into Oneness.  The number of Oneness Blessings required to achieve this is unique to each individual.  For a relative few, this could be a single Oneness Blessing… but for many, it is a more gradual process.

When effort ends, the miracles can begin to happen…