Oneness is a movement in consciousness, taking humanity into its next phase of evolution. With a following of well over 200 million people and growing rapidly, this spiritual revolution heralds the dawn of a new civilization whose foundation is true happiness and a realization of Oneness. The Oneness Blessing Divine Energy Transfer for The Awakening is making this happen. For this reason, many souls worldwide have chosen to become involved in numerous ways to do their part to further these efforts. Through, we’re doing our part in the DFW, North and Central Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas areas to make the gifts of the Oneness Blessing available here to those who ask and to help alleviate the suffering of mankind. Are you ready to be a part of this incredible gift to humanity, the animals and the planet?

We are looking for volunteers to help:

  • Become a Oneness Blessing Facilitator.  Ask any current Facilitator for details.
  • Sponsor small private group Oneness Blessings in your home
  • Sponsor group Oneness Blessings for your club, church, group or organization
  • Provide connections to other individuals, groups, clubs, churches and organizations who are open to the Oneness Blessing and the Oneness Blessing Movement

There are lots of ways that anyone can do their part: big or small… it all adds up! If you would like to help, contact any Oneness Trainer. You can also contact any of the other local Oneness facilitators including those who are listed on this website.  Many Thanks!

PS- We’d like to give a Big Thank You to Jennifer Hunt, Dan Baritchi and Niki Holweger for their assistance in updating and managing this web site over most of 2006 and to Dan and Jennifer for their ongoing assistance during 2007 and 2008. Also, over the last year to staffers: Maggie (Brock) Sullivan, Mary Kroncke, Cindy Heald, MaryAnn Madrigal, Catherine Morris, David Phillips, Sharon Studebaker, Suzy McGovern, Nancy Bass and Melissa Wysong for their invaluable help in making the weekly group Oneness Blessings happen for all of us.

We’d also like to remember and give Thanks to Rev. Chuck and Sunnie Murphy, Dennis Longbotham and Cliff Zellman at the Unity of Richardson church (Spiritual Fitness Center) for their kindness and generosity in providing us with locations and support for our group Oneness Blessings and One-Day Intensives in 2007, 2008 and now, 2009!

And last but in no way least, Many Thanks to the Founders of the Oneness Movement, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan; to all the wonderful Oneness Guides and support staff at the Oneness University in India; to the guest Oneness Blessing facilitators who have sometimes traveled great distances and at great personal expense to assist us in providing the Oneness Blessing here in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Hurst, Salado, Amarillo, San Angelo, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Tulsa and Oklahoma City:  Steve Klayman (Austin), Michele Charette (Austin), Tim Price (Austin), Gene Mundahl (Austin), Madhuri Dhalipala (New Jersey), Jane Ojeda (Dallas), Timbes “Tim” Whitley (New Zealand), Maggie Brock (Dallas), Jan Kirby (Azle, TX), Kevin Danielson (Bloomington, MN and St. Petersberg, Russia), Bernice Butler (New Zealand), Mary Kroncke (Plano), Heddy King (Hawaii), Bhavani Roussel (New Zealand), Buddha Boudreaux (New Zealand), Danny Allen (Sunnyvale, TX), Beth Clare (Austin), Carol Pankratz (Dallas), Debbie Patterson (Dallas), Jeff Brown (Dallas), Daisy Beversdorf (Ft. Worth), Alta Collins (Amarillo), Billy Ray Johnson (San Diego, CA), Indira Kudumula (Irving, TX), Beverley Whitworth (Houston), Isaac Clay (Plano), Alyce Payne (Ft. Worth), Bonnie Lowery (Salado, TX), Chris Johnson (Little Rock, AR), Patrick Sullivan (Dallas), Mary Trail (Dallas), Jackie Parker (Mission Viejo, CA), Alta Collins (Amarillo, TX), Jerry & Richela Chapman (Amarillo, TX), Karen Huneke (Amarillo, TX), Bill Doenges (Tulsa, OK), Debra Garver (Oklahoma City, OK), Alicia Lown (San Angelo, TX), Karen McGinnis (San Angelo, TX) and last, but never least… Guy Alland (Sarasota, FL).

Many Thanks to All!