Oneness is a force in consciousness

that transcends all religions, all cultural, class-based and national barriers, thus unifying people in the experience of one divinity, one humanity, one suffering, one love, and one consciousness. We have a destiny to create a state of consciousness that is Oneness with All That Is. ~ Sri Bhagavan


Experience a wonderful Blessing as Oneness Guide Doug Bentley from the Oneness University in India meditates, allowing Divine Energies to flow through him. The Oneness Meditation is a unique and profound process of spiritual awakening, a divine benediction that everyone in the room simply receives. This divine energy liberates you from the conflicted mind, freeing you to experience each moment fully, just as it is. Rather than a quiet meditation experience, this process is often filled with spontaneous laughter or tears as people are moved by the presence of the Divine.


Oneness Guide, Doug Bentley is touring USA and Canada throughout 2012.

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