It is greatly appreciated when people choose to write us with their Oneness Blessing experiences. Sharing in this way helps with your own processing and it also helps others navigate their own individual Oneness Blessing experiences. Please remember that each person’s experience is unique to them.

Some of the following observations represent the individual having a "Peak Experience." Please understand that peak experiences only last for a short while and that Oneness Blessing isn’t about having them. Instead, the Oneness Blessing is about creating a permanent shift in your consciousness; an elimination of your suffering and unhappiness and connecting with the Oneness of Divine Presence (God-realization). Having a peak experience does not speed up the process for you. It is simply one way of processing and there are many.  Regardless of your perceived experience, receiving the Oneness Blessing creates a permanent state of Grace (synchronicity) and Bliss (peace and joy) regardless of your journey. For a few, their ‘awakening’ may happen relatively quickly… but for most, the Oneness Blessing is more of a time-release process that evolves over a given period. Also, those who are moving more slowly on their journey to "The Awakening" find that repeating the Oneness Blessing regularly tends to speed up their process. This will become more apparent as you read the ever expanding comments below. For each of us, we receive what we are ready for and all in our own time.

Following are comments from individuals who have received the Oneness Blessing in our area. Some attended group Oneness Blessing events for The Awakening; others received phone Oneness Blessing or private in-person sessions of Oneness Blessing. Many Thanks to all those people who have taken the time and effort to share their experiences and to help everyone else through this transformitive process.

You are invited and encouraged to share your own comments and experiences by e-mailing them to Paul Carlson at  Thank You!


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